February 25, 2021

Am I In an Abusive Marriage? Clearing the Fog of Shame and Confusion

Covert abusers are master of deception who take pleasure in spinning a devious web of confusion and destruction around their victims. They often conceal their true […]
February 18, 2021

Sexual Abuse and Rape Happen in Marriage Too: Exposing Sexual Coercion, Sexual Abuse and Marital Rape

Sexual coercion, sexual abuse, and marital rape are all words that seem like they should be an oxymoron when talking about covenant relationship. God created sex as […]
February 10, 2021

How Pornography Fuels an Abusive Mindset

One of the common factors in men who are abusive toward their wives is pornography addiction. Pornography has become a problem of pandemic proportions in our […]
February 4, 2021

Exposing Destructive Perspectives and Lies about Sex in Marriage that Perpetuate Abuse

Sex is a topic that many of us are uncomfortable talking about. It is viewed by some as taboo, confusing, and shameful. And for others, it […]
January 28, 2021

How Abusers Use Hypocrisy to Keep People Fooled

A few years ago, through a series of events and circumstances, my wife and I began to see clearly that domestic abuse is happening in the […]
January 21, 2021

What You Need to Know About Narcissists and How to Identify Them

What is a narcissist and how do you identify them? A narcissist, by definition is a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration for […]
January 14, 2021

Future Faking: One of the Many Hooks Used by Narcissistic Abusers

Future faking is a common technique used by narcissistic abusers. It happens when an abuser builds a picture of the future, by telling lies or making […]
January 7, 2021

What Is a Trauma Bond? Why Leaving An Abusive Relationship Is So Difficult.

A common question that often arises when someone is in an abusive relationship is “Why don’t they just leave?” While this question seems valid at face […]
December 31, 2020

The True Nature of Jealousy and How It Is Used in Abusive Relationships

Excessive jealousy is a common tactic used in abusive relationships. It can be defined a few ways, but it is important to note that the abuser […]
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