February 3, 2022

Exciting Esther Company Update: Commissioning

Commissioning Since the launch of Esther Company in September 2020, I have been working for Threshold Church and then as Jake’s assistant. We purposed from the […]
January 28, 2022

The Persecuted Church Within Our Pews and the Intimate Assassins Who Pretend to Love Them

While I would never downplay the horrors the persecuted church around the world faces on a daily basis, I also can’t downplay the horrors that the […]
January 13, 2022

Church, It’s Time to Address the Problem of Domestic Abuse in Our Midst

Last week I posted something to the Esther Company Facebook page that quickly began to go viral. I shared the below graphic, along with some commentary […]
December 9, 2021

Awakening, Truth Declaring, Justice Bringing, Freedom Carrying, Healing Agents of Reformation

The tide is turning. God is shining a light on injustice and abuse. What has been hidden behind the walls of the church and inside many homes is […]
December 2, 2021

Esther Company Update: New Team Member!

Welcome to the Team Bethany!   Esther Company is excited to announce that we welcomed a new member to our team!  Bethany Herr recently joined the Esther […]
November 11, 2021

Psychological Abuse IS Physical Abuse: Why Reform Is Needed

It’s common knowledge that abuse causes great damage to a person’s body, soul, mind, and spirit. While most people would agree that abuse is highly destructive, […]
November 4, 2021

Naghmeh Panahi: A Survivor’s Story

The Church’s Response to Domestic Abuse Jake and I recently had the honor of hosting a Facebook live, discussing a very important topic with two incredible […]
October 28, 2021

How Can the Church do a Better Job of Responding to Domestic Abuse?

It is the end of October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is a time when more are speaking up on the topic of domestic […]
October 14, 2021

Warlocks in the Church? Unmasking A Narcissist

One aspect that we cannot afford to ignore when dealing with narcissistic abuse is the role of the demonic. It’s crucial to not only understand what […]